Tzatzimakis E. Nektarios & Manolis

Agia Roumeli | PC 73011 | Chania Crete

Tel. 28250 – 91225

FAX. 28250 – 91325

Mobile. 6977177249


Our Tavern

In our family enterprise except the rented rooms, you may also enjoy our tavern – restaurant.

We serve healthy tasty foods made by us with pure local Cretans materials that have the olive oil as basis.

Chortopitakia, staka with eggs, mpoympoyristoi chochloi, gemista, freshfish, tsigariasto and specifically our own meats, and all these made by the mum Fotoyla with very love.

Enjoy all the above in the coastal pergola looking faraway the light blue of the Libyko Sea.